The purpose of this manual is to provide you information on how to utilize our platform and the rules that we have in place. 

Our mission

Paramount FX seeks to provide the best forex platform for traders to ensure consistency, profitability, and precision in their trading skill. We strive to empower our traders with tools and knowledge that will help them succeed in trading. 

How our services work

  1. Community Calls: Every week we host multiple community calls in which you can join. These community calls act as part of your training. We go over detailed examples of concepts and go over new concepts as your trading skills grow. The bulk of your learning will take place here as we drill down concepts to you until you have fully internalize them. It’s important that you attend these regularly because the market is always changing. You won’t become successful just from watching a course. You need to learn how to adapt to current market conditions.
  2. Signals: Signals are trades that we as educators take. You are not required to copy them. They are not a financial advice. It is ultimately up to you whether you wish to take it or not, therefore we are not responsible for any losses that you take. However, we do our best to provide you the best signals in the forex industry. For each signal that we give out, we give a chart setup, clear entry and exit parameters, and whether the trade is still active or not. It’s ultimately your responsibility to know whether a signal is still valid to enter, that’s why we provide a chart setup for each trade.
  3. Course: Our course covers the basics of trading and core concepts that you need to know. These concepts include technical analysis, risk management, and psychology. It’s important for you to watch the course videos over and over again to get a good grasp of the concepts in your mind.
  4. Discord: With the discord channel, you’ll be able to communicate and share ideas with other members. You will be able to ask our educators directly. The discord is also the place where we post chart breakdowns, webinar recordings, and tips on becoming a successful trader. Any updates and announcements we have, we will post it on Discord.
  5. Affiliate Program: The affiliate program is designed to help you gain capital on top of trading. Not everyone has capital lying around, so having the affiliate program will help you get to your goals at a faster pace. If you believe our academy can change another person’s life, be sure to send them your referral link! Read the affiliate guide below to understand how to setup your account and get your referral link.


  1. Recording and distribution of our content is not allowed and we will pursue legal actions if we find out. We have many ways of determining who leaks our information, copies our text, records our videos, and shares our links. All information inside Paramount FX belongs to Paramount FX and thus all content, text, and videos are copyrighted.
  2. You are not allowed to record our zoom session and you are not allowed to share the link zoom to anyone.
  3. We do not take other mentors/educators who are in the Forex space into our community, this includes MLM schemes such as IML.
  4. You must use your real full name and profile picture in Discord and in Zoom as we will keep track who are members. No anonymity is allowed or else you will be removed.
  5. No bullying/offensive behavior.
  6. No slander of other members or Paramount FX. We expect equal respect among peers and educators. Paramount FX is an educational academy and will be treated as such.
  7. No spam. This includes but not limited to self-promotion or trying to pitch or sell something or trying to move or relocate people away from the Paramount FX platform for any purpose.
  8. We will remove anyone who disregards the rules or fails to conduct himself/herself properly and fails to uphold our values.
  9. Please do not use profanity as this is a professional group. You will be muted if you fail to heed the warnings.

Discord guide

To join the discord channel, click on ‘Discord’ on the menu bar at the top right or enter “” on Discord.

When you join the discord channel, click on ParamountFX BOT that’s located on the right side of your screen. Once selected, click on “Message” button and it will give you the space to enter. 

Type in your email using the following format: !link emailaddress

For example: !link

Once you have sent your email to Paramount FX BOT, it will give you a confirmation message like the one below:

zoom guide

In order to join our community calls, you will need to download Zoom. Zoom is a video teleconferencing software used to host online meetings. You can download zoom here:

For our zoom calls, it is required to use your first and last name as for zoom account, or else you will be removed from the call. This is to ensure that only members are in the meeting.

Affiliate Platform guide


Paramount FX offers the most advanced and high paying affiliate program designed to help you climb up ranks faster and provide you a side income on top of trading.

Monthly commission / customer = $40
Upfront commission / customer = $100

If you invite 3 people into the team, you will receive $300 upfront once they join. Then it will be $120/mo if those 3 referral continue to pay their subscription.

[This may be different depending on the current promo in place]


All your commissions/residual earnings will be marked as unpaid initially. Your residual commission from the person you invited will be added to your unpaid earnings the moment they pay their subscription. If they have not paid their subscription yet then they will not be added to your unpaid earnings. You can see your earnings by going Affiliate Dashboard  => Statistics. You can also filter Paid earnings from the filter below which will display the stats in a graph.

How to setup payouts

In order for you to receive your earnings, you need to setup your payout from Settings tab on Affiliate page.

Once you fill all the details, click Register For Payouts Service. Also if your payment email is different than the one  you registered with than you will have to provide payment email as well.

Receiving PAYOUTs

We will send out your payout in the middle of the month. Once payouts are sent, it will take 2-14 days before the money comes into your bank account/debit card. For US residents, it will come within 3-5 days. Once we send the payouts, your ‘Unpaid’ earnings will be marked ‘Paid’ immediately, thus confirming that we have sent the payout. You will get an email when your payout is being processed and when your payout has landed in your bank account.


To invite people into Paramount FX, click on ‘Affiliate’ on the top right corner of the page. This will lead you to the affiliate dashboard.

On the ‘Affiliate URL’ tab,  copy the link on “Your referral URL is” and send that to people that you want to invite. If they register through there, they will be linked under you.

Another option is guiding them through the registration page. They simply need to type in your username into the field in “Did someone refer you?”. Once they have done so, they will receive a discount.


To see how many active customers you have, simply click the ‘Active Customers’ tab while you are on the Affiliate page. Active Customers refers to members who have paid their monthly subscription. If a member you invited fails to pay their last monthly subscription, they will turn to ‘Cancelled Customers’. It could either be because they cancelled their subscription or their card payment failed.

To see how many cancelled customers you have, simply click the ‘Cancelled Customers’ tab.

2021 LIMITED TIME promotion

Promotion End Date: September 30th
Entry Fee: $7
Next Billing Date: October 13-15

Monthly commission / customer = $100
Upfront commission / customer = $0

With the 2021 Promotion that we are running, you will be able to build your customer count at a rapid pace! For only $7, they will get access to all of our premium services. The next billing date will be October 13-15, which means if they enroll on August 15, they get 2 months of premium service for only $7!

With 10 customers, you can expect to earn $1000 / mo as residual.

The cut off date for the 2021 promotion is September 30th. After September 30th, standard pricing will take place for new customers at $175 upon entry, then $175/mo after. Any member that enrolls before or at September 30th won’t have to pay their monthly fee until October 13-15.

So if by October 13-15, you have enrolled 10 people during the promo period, and those 10 people have paid their monthly subscription that day, you will get $1000 as commission for the month. We will shortly send the payouts a couple days after, and you can expect to receive it within 1-2 weeks depending on your location and bank.

You simply need to send them your referral link or have them type your username at checkout, and the discount will be applied.

If you have any other questions or concerns, email us at