Become a consistently profitable forex trader and live the life you always wanted.





Become a consistently profitable forex trader and live the life you always wanted.

Trading, the "consistently profitable" way.

Here at Paramount FX, forex is not a get rich quick scheme.

Instead, we focus on a systemized trading approach that allows you to build the skill and market knowledge to be a consistently profitable trader… working for yourself, even just from your smartphone – without a boss, without commuting, without being tied to an office.

Whether you are a complete beginner, an intermediate trader looking for an edge, or you’ve been burned before by bad forex “gurus”, a Paramount FX membership is the real deal.

Learn from traders with proven results.

Many forex training options are run by trainers, not traders. Here at Paramount FX we’re professional traders first. We use the same strategies and techniques we teach you to run our own trading accounts — successfully.

Become a Paramount FX member and take control

Paramount FX is the premium forex community platform build around you and helping you reach your trading and financial goals — even if you start with little or no capital.

Access a systematic forex education

As a member you get unlimited access to our Academy, our premium forex trading course (normally retailing for $1499) that teaches our systemized trading philosophy. The Academy makes trading clear by teaching you everything you need to know about forex: from technical analysis to risk management and trading mindset.

Fully analyzed trading recommendations.

Our Trade Ideas are suggested trades complete with full market analysis. You don’t just get signals to follow, but a complete explanation of the ideas behind it — so you can learn from what works in the real world.

These are the same analysis and trades that we run as professional traders: if we make money, you make money.

Learn from live trading sessions.

Join our live trading sessions webinars to learn how professional trading is actually done, live. See how established pros think and work, and ask your questions to learn from them.

Also, you can access the full archive of trainings, webinars, live trading sessions, and more from Paramount TV.

No capital? No problem.

Not only you don’t need a lot of money to start trading (you can start your brokerage account with as little as $50), but with Paramount FX Affiliate Program you can create a new revenue stream to fuel your trading capital.

Use your network and social media to invite other people to join Paramount, and earn a commission (plus monthly residual) for each signup.

Be part of a community.

Join a team of entrepreneurs and traders that’s taking the forex world by storm. In our Discord community, you’ll find your daily dose of motivation, the freshest information and news, and you’ll be able to learn and connect with other traders.

Plus, you can get the 1-on-1 support from professional traders from Paramount to get you where you want to be.

Join a tribe of thousands of traders.

Paramount FX members come from all walks of life. 
But they have one thing in common — results.

Read to fulfill your potential?

Whatever your current situation, if you’d like to live a life on your own terms — a life in which you are in control of your time, your finances, and your location… you can.

  • You don’t need a lot of capital! You can start small and build up (the sooner you start, the better) — and use our affiliate program to supplement it.
  • Go at your own pace. Even if you’re working a full-time job, you can start working on your trading on the side.
  • With the straightforward system described in our Academy, anybody can learn how to trade.

Get started today.

Sign up today and get instant access to the Paramount FX member’s area and Discord community.

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150/mo. Cancel anytime.

Questions? Find the answers here.

How much can I earn in Forex?
There is no limit to the amount of profit you can make trading forex. All depends on your account size, how much risk you decide to take on, and on your skills as a trader.

Is Paramount FX a good fit for beginners? What about experts?
Paramount FX is designed to fit people at different stages in their journey. If you are a complete beginner, the Academy will lead you from the absolute basics to advanced trading strategies. If you are experienced, webinars, live trading sessions and discussion with other members will allows you to get to the next level. Our community has members at every stage, from beginners to professional traders.

Can you guarantee returns and profits?
Absolutely not, and you shouldn’t trust anybody who does. Our analysis are suggestions based on the trades our professional traders are making. Our strategies have been successful in the past, but nobody can predict the future. It’s also worth mentioning that at no point we will handle your funds. All transactions happen between you and your broker.

How much capital do I need to start?
You can start a brokerage account with as little as $50. Of course, starting with more will allow you to make larger trades with a higher return. But small trades are a great way to learn and build up your trading “nest egg”. Plus, thanks to our Affiliate Program, you can build up your capital in time and start trading higher volumes once you become better at it.

Is it risky to trade Forex? 
In a word, yes. Trading is all about taking and managing risk. After all, nothing great in life is accomplished without some risk. That said, our trading philosophy and strategy is geared towards managing risk so that you can be consistently profitable and avoid big losses.

Can you get rich quick with  Forex?
Trading is not a get rich quick scheme. Anyone who promises that is lying. The truth is, trading is like any other career: it takes time and work to be successful. Some people take more time, some get there faster. Astonishing “rags to riches” stories have happened, but they are in no way typical. That said, it’s also true that there is no limit to what you can make by trading, differently from most careers.

More questions? Get in touch directly.

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