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Paramount FX is the last trading group you will ever need to join. Through a combined years of extensive experience from many individuals and educators, Paramount FX was created to offer you the best and final trading education and community you need to become a successful trader. After joining us, we will make sure you get the mentorship that you need to succeed in the markets consistently. Everything we offer is built around one thing… You.





Become part of our discord community.


Join our live trading sessions and watch how our educators enter and exit their trades in real time, giving you the full experience of trading.

Realtime mentorship

We host multiple community calls a week where we teach a specific topic on trading or we break down what the market is showing us. A consistent mentorship is the key that will help you become an expert in trading.

Instant trade signals

We do the hard work of analyzing the market, you just copy and paste it into your trading account. When we make money, you make money along with us.

direct support

You are free to ask any question to any of our educators and we will gladly answer them. You will have direct contact to each educator and each of the member in the community.

What we teach


You will learn the basic principles of forex trading, how the forex market works, how currencies are exchanged, the history of forex, and what drives the forex market.


You will learn the different currencies that exists, how they are correlated with each other, what majors, cross, and exotic pairs are, and how each trading sessions play into account.

Market Terminology

You will learn the different market terminologies that are used in the forex market. You will learn about acronyms that are often said and the jargons that are widely used, and understand how they work.

reading price movement

You will learn how to read price and the language of the markets. You will see how each candlestick works and how it influences price movements.

Market structure

You will learn about market structure which is the foundation of technical analysis and being able to predict as to where price will head to next.

Supply and demand

You will learn and understand the theory behind supply and demand, and how to effectively trade it using our own strategy.

smart money concepts

Smart money refers to the biggest and smartest players in the game such as the central banks, market makers, and hedge funds. You will learn how to trade like them and understand how they view the market.

Risk management

You will learn how to properly protect your capital and your trades. With proper risk management, you will be able to stay longer in the trading game, have smaller losses, and gain larger profits.


You will learn how to think like a trader and control your emotions. Since trading deals with personal capital, emotions heavily influence each trading decision. This is large area in which many traders fail in.

trading journal

You will learn how to keep a trading journal which is an important aspect in trading in which many people ignore. Having a trading journal has the ability to increase your results exponentially.

growing a small account

Not everyone has a large capital to start with. Capital is important in trading. However, we can show you how to grow a small account like $100-$250 and grow it consistently over several weeks and months.

getting funded $100k

We will show how you can get funded $100,000-$400,000 once you have proven yourself that you are a consistently and profitable trader. You will learn how to trade accounts with large capital.

...and much more

Why paramount fx is the
best trading community

The best trading strategy

Our proprietary strategy was developed in the lab through experience and studying the market from an institutional point of view. We give you the lenses that allows you to see how the big market players view and trade the markets. Our institutional strategy will give you the confidence and precision you need in trading.


On top of forex trading, we also cover cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities. Not only do we provide mentorship on how to trade them, we also give our own analysis regarding each asset.


Build your team, earn high commission, bonus and benefits through the most powerful affiliate program. Climb up the ranking system and dominate the compensation plan designed to give you every incentive to go all in.

10+ Years of combined experience

We have gone through many phases and years of the markets. Our combined experience will give you the stepping stone to succeed and shorten the time it takes for you to get there.

we care about our members

Helping our members succeed in trading and in life is our #1 priority. Our success is dependent upon each member's success. Everything in our platform is designed to help each member become a profitable and consistent trader.

You will have confidence

With our chart breakdowns, signals, and community calls, you'll be able to have more confidence in your trades. You will be able to see what we see and be able to take the trades that we take.


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