Affiliate Program

Paramount FX offers the most advanced and high paying affiliate program designed to help you climb up ranks faster and provide you a side income on top of trading.

How the affiliate program works is that you will receive a $100 commission for every referral you invite upon their entry. Then you will receive $40 every month your referral pays their monthly subscription. A referral is a person you invite into the team.

So if you invite 3 people into the team, you will receive $300 in commission once they join. Then it will be $120/mo if those 3 referrals continue to pay their subscription.


Unpaid Earnings

All your commissions/residual earnings will be marked as unpaid initially. 

Your monthly residual commission from a referral will be added to your unpaid earnings the moment they pay their subscription. If they have not paid their subscription yet then they will not be added to your unpaid earnings.


We will send out your payout in the middle of the month. Once payouts are sent, it will take 2-14 days before the money comes into your bank account/debit card. For US residents, it will come within 3-5 days. Once we send the payouts, your ‘Unpaid’ earnings will be marked ‘Paid’ immediately, thus confirming that we have sent the payout. You will get an email once the money has landed in your account.


How To Invite People

To invite people into Paramount FX, click on ‘Affiliate’ on the top right corner of the page. This will lead you to the affiliate page.

On the ‘Affiliate URL’ tab,  copy the link on “Your referral URL is” and send that to people that you want to invite. If they register through there, they will be linked under you.

Another option is guiding them through the registration page. They simply need to type in your username into the field in “Did someone refer you?”. Once they have done so, they will receive a discount.

Active Customers

To see how many active customers you have, simply click the ‘Active Customers’ tab.

Inactive Customers

To see how many cancelled customers you have, simply click the ‘Cancelled Customers’ tab.

Setting Up Payouts

In order to get paid for your earnings, you need to setup your Payout. Head over to your Settings tab.

For the Account Type, select ‘Personal Account’. Fill in the rest of the necessary information. Make sure to use the same email as you used to sign up at the website.

After that is done, click ‘Register For Payout Service’. This is will take you to a page where you can either select ‘Bank Account’ or ‘Debit Card’ as your means of payout.

Fill in the information then click ‘Submit Payout Details’.